Yammer is an important part of an organisation’s communication strategy. Monitoring usage and interaction over time can help inform user adoption and employee engagement.

By analysing organisation-wide Yammer usage data, Modality have produced a number of Microsoft PowerBI reports to help businesses tell the story about how they are using Yammer.

Our unique “Modality Usage Score” enables you to directly compare groups and users and provides a simple, single metric for reporting.

Track Happiness

Using state of the art machine learning, visualize your Yammer activity by sentiment, to gain important insights about staff happiness. We use a machine learning classification algorithm to generate a sentiment score between 0 and 100. Track sentiment by Yammer group, by user and over time.

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Extract Key Phrases

Gain deep understand about what people are actually talking about, which topics are hot and which cause the most problems, by extracting key phrases and reporting on them by user, by group, and over time. When combined with sentiment analysis this can be a powerful way of answering questions such as “Which topics are causing my staff problems?”.

Group Activity

Track overall Yammer usage over time, trend and forecast the percentage of active groups, or dive into the detail of which groups have the most activity.

User Activity

Report at a department, location or company level on Yammer usage. Identify top users, and see their contribution to their department’s Usage Score. Drill-down to individual users and see activity split by reads, posts, likes etc.

Device Activity

Understand more about how your users are interacting on Yammer, with dedicated reports showing device types used. Track across the entire estate or zoom in to see what devices a specific user consumes Yammer on.


This product is in Preview and we are making it available to a select number of customers for feedback. If you would like to see a demo or talk to us about early adoption, please contact us using the form below.

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