Teamwork Analytics - Getting Started

Teamwork Analytics modules can be deployed in three models

  • ARM Template - A simple method to deploy in your Azure and your

  • MSI Server deployment - deployment to a windows server (physical or virtual) either on-premises or in any cloud/hosted provider with data being collected into Microosft SQL 2016 or higher and PowerBI gateway connecting data into your

    • Contact us for more details and a trial

  • Modality Hosted/SaaS - Your data will be exported and collected into SQL Azure in the Modality tenant, your will connect to this Modality Azure hosted and managed SQL for reporting

    • Contact us for more details and a trial


The product is purchased on an annual basis, during which time you will receive all updates.

There are two elements of the product that require updates, the data collector (application on virtual machine) and reports. reports are updated by Modality Systems providing the latest report pack for you to deploy. We are looking into the PowerBI app store and hope to have a application in the app store soon that will allow even easier updates

The data collector is updated depending on the deployment model you chose. The ARM template simply requires re-running the ARM template, the MSI requires an update MSI to be run, and if you choose Modality SaaS/hosted Modality Systems will keep you up to date as part of our service.