What is it?

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TG by Modality Systems is a Teams application that defines how individual teams are created and who can create them.  It helps you manage the entire lifecycle of Teams from creation through to archiving ensuring best practices around security are adhered to.

TG empowers users to gain all the benefits of self-service collaboration via Microsoft Teams whilst ensuring compliance and governance best practices are enforced from the start.


Select from a pre-defined template or define how you want the team to look, everything is supported.  If a similar Team exists, TG will prompt you to view the team to avoid any duplication and having to start from scratch.


Whether you create Teams immediately or have someone approve before creating, TG uses Microsoft Graph to automatically create the Team.  If you want someone to approve a Team before it is created, TG reduces the manual effort to one click for the approver.


TG contains an overview dashboard showing the usage and health of your Teams.  If something changes in your Team, you'll be the first to know!

In the real world…

An administration team for a global company use Teams to manage customer engagements from pre-sales through to invoicing.

Before a standardised approach was taken to managing customers in Teams, the PMO team were encountering the following problems:

  • Multiple Teams created for the same project or customer resulting in the following pain points:

  • Siloed approach to working

  • No internal communication

  • Duplication of effort/emails

This sprawl of Teams also meant that there was some risk of not being GDPR compliant:

  • If a customer requests all their data, how do we send them this if it is in multiple Teams

  • Cannot control least privilege access for staff

  • There was no standard approach to archiving Teams 

There was no standard way to control external access:

  • External/GUEST users can see all information in a Team

  • Which Team should they be added to?

  • Do all users know that Guest users are in the team?

After a project to review the way the team work, a decision was taken to move to a standardised structure with a private Team created for each customer.  Each team will have the same structure:

  •  To standardise on our approach

  • To enable us to work better globally and handoff between regions as and when needed

  • Hold a ‘single conversation’ on a customer / project, rather than disparate and segregated team working

  • Help the business to work together on each customer

  • Centralise the data and locate historical data / information – Rather than a world of emails and duplicated documents on several users OneDrives!

  • Covering the project lifecycle from Sales / PreSales, through Contracts into Projects and finally passing documentation to Managed Services to enable support for our customers

How does Modality TG power this process?

Modality TG enables users to quickly create new teams using this standard format pro-actively ensuring this new way of working is implemented from the start for each customer.


 This product is currently in preview, if you would like to see a demo or talk to us about being an early adopter, please contact us using the form below.

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