What is it?

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Teams Portal is a Microsoft Azure hosted application from Modality Systems which allows users to create Teams based on a series of standards in seconds.  

 Who is it for?

 For organisations that wish to empower their users but retain the right amount of control and governance, the Teams Portal provides a controlled and standardized approach to creation whilst retaining the self-service flexibility of Microsoft Teams.


 A standardised and structured approach to Teams creation means you avoid some of the common problems:

 Governance and Compliance:

  • Governance and control.

  • Ensure usage of Teams is GDPR compliant.

 User Adoption:

  • Delivering a standardized Teams user experience, thus increasing user adoption and reducing user confusion.

  • Reducing email traffic.


 The Teams Portal currently enables users to provision new Microsoft Teams teams in line with organisational requirements and best practices. Configurable features include:

  • Checking existing teams with similar names to avoid duplication.

  • Enforcing a naming convention (for example appending -EXT for teams that contain guests).

  • Guiding creation and using recommended templates, for common teams (externally facing, departmental etc)warning if team size is too big.

  • Enforcing a minimum number of owners.

 Roadmap Features

 We’re currently considering which features should be added to Teams Portal next. To provide feedback or for more information about any of these features, contact us for more information.

  • Approval workflows when creating Teams.

  • Conditional approval based on specific Team features.

  • Ability to create Teams based on pre-configured templates.

  • Search Page.

  • Manage My Teams.

  • Using Office 365 Retention Labels in Teams.

  • Suggest Teams to join based on job role / manager / co-workers.

  • Teams meeting reports (who attended which meetings, how long for etc).


 This product is currently in preview, if you would like to see a demo or talk to us about being an early adopter, please contact us using the form below.

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