Modality Systems have extensive experience reporting on Skype for Business session performance in our Diagnostics product and when API access to Microsoft Teams session data is available will offer PowerBI reports to understand and drive performance improvement of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Performance Reporting will be a module in our Teamwork Analytics product

PowerBI driven

Like our our Teamwork Analytics modules, Microsoft Teams performance reports will be available to deploy via an ARM template in your Azure tenant with powerful reporting in your

Actionable insights

From years working with Skype for Business performance data with some of the biggest SfB environments in the world, we know how to take large amounts of session data and make it understandable and actionable.

Adoption Automation

With our adoption automation, we can use the data in performance reports to proactively communicate to end users. For example reminding users to use certified headsets if they are using PC mic and Speakers, or suggesting the use a wired connection if they frequently have network performance issues on WiFi.


This product is in Preview and we are making it available to a select number of customers for feedback. If you would like to see a demo or talk to us about early adoption, please contact us using the form below.

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