A customer had a particular use case they wanted investigated; could we report on all online meeting usage in their environment.

They had worried about shadow IT and the cost of using multiple different online meeting platforms, but little insight as to what was being used, where, by who and how much?

Modality Systems work extensively with Microsoft Graph and have already done other work with Exchange reporting. We confirmed we can be granted read access to Exchange Online (and current Exchange Server if hybrid is enabled) and can read invites to look for online meetings, not just for Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, but all the major online platforms.

We can then collect this data into Azure SQL and produce PowerBI reports on exactly which platforms are being used, scheduled by who and for how long. Data could be reported to just an organisational unit or geography level if preferred not to identify individual users.

This data can be used in multiple ways to drive down shadow IT/additional costs and also to identify heavy online meeting users and help support their migration to Microsoft Teams.


This product is in Preview and we are making it available to a select number of customers for feedback. If you would like to see a demo or talk to us about early adoption, please contact us using the form below.

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