OneConsultation is not a replacement to your existing scheduling or records management system. You continue to use this to set up scheduled meetings, just as you would for in-person meetings.

Instead of providing directions to a physical meeting space, you give your users a standard, simple website address to go to:



There are no special codes or PINs to remember. You can even use your own domain name.

When your users visit this page, they are prompted to answer some questions. The text, layout and questions can all be customised by you:



The user is automatically placed into a unique, secure meeting space. No plug-ins or downloads are needed:



Your staff log into a Consultation Portal using their Office 365 credentials to see who is waiting.


Clicking to join the consultation launches Skype for Business to enable them to place a video call.

SfB Call.png

Your staff can use standard Skype for Business controls to manage the video consultation, even though your users are just joined via a web browser!