...this is the rich world of conversations that we envision, people to people, people to your personal digital assistant, people to bots, and even personal digital assistants calling on bots on your behalf. That’s the world that you’re going to get to see in the years to come. 

 - Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, Build 2016

 The world of communication is changing. As experts in the field we see this first hand in our interactions with companies of all sizes across the world. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution has shown that people will use whatever technology they need to get work done and will no longer be accepting of legacy technologies. In the same way people are communicating with each other in new ways. People in your company are using social messaging tools to interact with each other and get work done (whether you know about it or not). The combination of immediate responsiveness, access to information and discoverability of that information via Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change how the world does business. 


Bots might be the newest buzzword for technology analysts right now, but the concept is not new. Modality Systems have been building conversational interfaces for more than five years for customers across the globe. Our technology has enabled companies of all sizes to improve their business processes with better communication and differentiate themselves by offering a better customer experience.

What has changed is the availability of AI sufficiently advanced enough to enable understanding of user's needs. We are now utilising the cutting-edge AI and machine-learning technology available in Microsoft Azure to create a new generation of bots designed specifically for businesses and delivered via Skype for Business.

Faster resolution times, improved customer satisfaction, faster and more informed decision making: these are the benefits that bots bring.

Bot Scale combined with Business Intelligence

We are currently inviting companies to submit an application to participate in our Bot Preview Program and help us shape the future of business communication.

You can either join one of the existing projects or suggest a new project. Projects are prioritised and implemented in order of customer feedback so your input really can influence what we offer.

Project participants will enjoy early access to functionality, direct access to our Engineering Team and the ability to provide feedback on what features are implemented. In return participants should be prepared to work with us to resolve issues as new features are added.