A number of customers have asked us about exporting Skype for Business Persistent Chat and possibly even import it into Microsoft Teams.

Today there is not API access in Microsoft Teams to “impersonate” a user and post on their behalf, or to post “historically” with the correct timestamp. So it is not possible to do a direct 1:1 export and import. However, we have done some research and the following is possible:

  • Messages and Memberships can be exported from Microsoft Skype for Business Persistent Chat.

  • These could be written to either flat files or to a SQL database.

  • The content could be pinned into a tab in particular channels as appropriate, including functionality like search.

  • The content could be pinned as an all up “app” in Teams on the sidebar.

  • Teams could be created automatically to mirror the memberships of particular Persistent Chat channels.

This would give us the ability to move users from Persistent Chat to Microsoft Teams and maintain their “chat” history with their Microsoft Teams Team/Channel(s).


This product is in Preview and we are making it available to a select number of customers for feedback. If you would like to see a demo or talk to us about early adoption, please contact us using the form below.

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